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Leg Show Jo Picture

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Histopathology shows sheets and nests of large, pleomorphic, round to polygonal epithelioid cells. The cells are rich in eosinophilic cytoplasm, have vesicular nuclei and prominent nucleoli. Areas of necrosis, haemorrhage and numerous mitotic figures are common. Intracytoplasmic vacuoles containing erythrocytes and a rudimentary vaso-formative architecture are frequently, but not always, present. Immunohistochemistry in EA reveals positivity for vimentin, shows high levels of Ki67, and is characteristically positive for endothelial markers, including CD31, ERG, coagulation factor VIII (FVIII), and friend leukemia integration 1 transcription factor (FLI1) (2).

EA can be mistaken for epithelioid haemangioendothelioma (EHE). The neoplastic cells of EA are usually larger and more atypical than those of EHE and show a higher mitotic activity. Furthermore, single cell necrosis or large areas of mass necrosis are more frequently observed in EA than in EHE. Cytogenetic studies revealed that the t(1;3) (p36;q23-25) translocation, creating the WW domain containing transcription regulator 1 (WWTR1)-calmodulin-binding transcription activator 1 (CAMTA1) fusion gene, is unique to EHE and can be found in approximately 85% of cases of EHE.

Appellant contends that there is no substantial evidence to support the finding that it was negligent and thereby caused respondent's injuries. Appellant argues that the case was tried upon the theory that the negligent act complained of was the sweeping of gravel into the gutter on the day the accident occurred, but that (1) there is no evidence to show that this act was done by appellant or anyone acting for it, and (2) assuming for sake of argument that appellant did sweep the gravel into the gutter in the manner testified to, such act did not constitute negligence in any respect or create a dangerous condition.

Appellant asserts that there is no evidence to show that appellant was in anywise connected with the sweeping of gravel into a layer in the gutter in front of plaintiff's driveway on the day in question prior to plaintiff's operating the cycle over same because the sweeper was not identified and because witness Ahlgren, superintendent of defendant's street contract work here involved, testified without contradiction that defendant finished its work on this street prior to the accident. However, the record shows the following testimony [134 Cal. App. 2d 31] by Frank Ahlgren, appellant's superintendent of the Vienna Woods job, upon direct examination by appellant's counsel:

Bearing in mind this familiar rule, we do not believe that under the facts shown by the record in the instant case it can be held as a matter of law that the trial court erred in concluding, as he did conclude, that the respondent was not guilty of contributory negligence. We are satisfied that the question of contributory negligence was one of fact for the trial court to determine and that there is substantial evidence in the record from which the trier of the facts could conclude that plaintiff used due care even though an accident did happen and even though plaintiff did approach and enter into a situation fraught with some peril.

Hi, I'm Jo! I'm so glad you've found my site. I know you won't be disappointed! I've been showing off my legs and feet in stockings, pantyhose (tights) and high heels--and in their bare natural state!--for more than 10 years and I've no plans to stop now!

There are hundreds of lovely leggy pictures of me--and some of my best friends--waiting for you in my membership area, with plenty of new ones being added every week. My members will also be able to download for free at least one new video clip of me each week and I've got some great DOWNLOADABLE MOVIES anyone can buy, with new ones being added month by month. And if you join, you get the chance to talk to me personally! So what are you waiting for, come inside and get the best legs--TRULY!--on the net!


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