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Best Buy Sunrise Mall EXCLUSIVE

Urban Edge bought the mall in partnership with two other companies, RIPCO Real Estate, and JG Petrucci, and will collaborate on redeveloping the property, which sits on 77 acres. Details of the redevelopment have not yet been disclosed.

best buy sunrise mall

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There are more than 1,000 malls in the United States today. (Exact estimates vary based on how different analysts count.) However, many of them are struggling with rising vacancy rates and falling customer traffic. As a result, many analysts expect a wave of mall closures in the coming years. A widely-cited 2017 Credit Suisse study estimated that up to a quarter of U.S. malls could close by the end of 2022.

Some contrarian investors, as well as executives from mall REITs like Washington Prime Group (WPG) and CBL & Associates (CBL), disagree. While they may acknowledge that malls face transitory pressures, they believe it is relatively straightforward to overcome these headwinds by altering the tenant mix and repositioning weaker properties. As one Forbes article put it last year: "Shopping malls aren't dying - they're evolving."

In some cases, mall REITs can save struggling properties in a cost-effective manner through thoughtful redevelopment projects. Nevertheless, it's clear that there are far too many malls in the U.S. and that the mall sector would be a lot healthier if some of them closed.

My visits to six Sacramento-area malls last month (Arden Fair Mall, Country Club Plaza, Sunrise Mall, Westfield Galleria at Roseville, Yuba Sutter Mall, and County Fair Fashion Mall) demonstrated vividly that many malls no longer serve a useful purpose. In fact, three key myths are causing some mall bulls to underestimate the sector's challenges.

Some investors make the mental mistake of classifying malls as either "upscale" or mass-market based on their sales productivity. That might make it seem like a mall with low sales per square foot would not be threatened by the presence of a nearby mall with high sales per square foot, because they simply appeal to different demographics.

"Sunrise Mall is clearly in transition, a reflection of the challenges facing a generation of shopping malls across Long Island and the nation," said Coleen Conklin, Urban Edge's vice president for marketing.

Conklin said Urban Edge is creating a roadmap for the transition of the mall. But she said that, whatever the future of the mall is, Urban Edge is not looking to transform it into housing. The company also said that it will continue to maintain the property during the transition.

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