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Software for automation - Pilz INT

the new firmware versions from epson are also recommended for each device as they contain the improvements from the previous version. the new firmware should be downloaded and installed first before the old firmware.

pilz px pro software download

the driver needs to be installed in windows. these requirements have been compiled from various sources including manual and forum postings. if needed, re-configure/re-install the drivers. as well, download these drivers via your browser to your c:\windows\ inf. directory. the drivers for windows server operating systems are located under the windows 7 through windows server 2008 r2 folders in the windows\inf. make sure the 32-bit driver is installed on the clients that need the 32-bit driver first.

you may have to re-install the drivers for your pc or laptop. but if you don't want to re-install the software you can also down-grade the drivers. to do this, open your start menu, all programs, epson tools, and then epson software. in the software, click on the "other drivers" tab. then select "downgrade drivers". before downloading, ensure your pc is optimized and up-to-date.

once all drivers and the software are installed, you can run the epson software to test your multifunction device. the software is installed under the program files epson folder. to run the software, click start, select epson tools, and click the epson software icon.

depending on the software, you may have to log on to the network. once in the network, you can log on to your computer/laptop via the network. in the network, select the local computer. once you have logged on, you can select the multifunction device and open the status diagnostics. this is done by opening the tool, clicking device diagnostics, and selecting your multifunction device.


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