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Investorslive Dvd Tandem Trader

Thanks to Nate and this DVD that all has changed and I am now well on my way to being a consistent trader. This DVD set the foundation in my career. And TandemTrader will take it to a new level once I purchase it. 100% recommend the DVD to everyone.

Investorslive Dvd Tandem Trader

I'm an options trader, and I swing trade with the occasional scalp/day trade. This DVD has allowed me to spot these setups for great scalps and even for getting a great entry on my swing trade setups.

One of the best day trading courses for beginners, Textbook Trading teaches you the fundamentals needed to become a consistently profitable trader. Unlike many other so-called gurus, Nathan Michaud is the real deal and someone that you can learn a whole lot from. Highly recommended.

This is one of the best DVD courses for stock market newcomers who are interested in learning how to trade intraday setups from one of today's top traders. Nathan Michaud is the real deal and he lays out everything you need to get started in this course. While you can purchase this course separately, we'd highly recommend becoming an Investors Underground member and getting access to Textbook Trading and Tandem Trader (his second DVD course) as part of the subscription package. This will give you the a lot of additional support that the DVDs alone don't provide and it'll give you the best chance of becoming a successful trader.

The Textbook Trading DVD is Nate's first day trader course and is a great introduction to his trading strategies, especially for those who are new and want to get start trading. Tandem Trader is Nate's second day trading course and it builds on the information covered in Textbook Trading, adding live tick-by-tick trading action which is a big help as it allows you to see his trading setups happening in real-time. It's the better choice for experienced traders who are interested in learning Nate's trading style. We highly recommend both DVDs and you can get bundled access to them by joining Investors Underground.

On November 10th 2014 InvestorsLive released the much anticipated TandemTrader DVD. It looks like it is going to be a fantastic resource for people who want to learn how to trade independently (especially day traders).

InvestorsLive is absolutely respectable for their trading strategy. If you are careful and do your due diligence, you get what you pay for. Tandem Trader is currently on Pre-sale discount in the profitly store until November 10th. You can buy TandemTrader for around $700 until this date! Then the price will increase back up to the $1500. That it is currently listed at the $1500 in the profit dot ly, store, however Nathan reassures that the price is reduced in the cart to only $700. If you are interested in who Nathan Michaud (multimillionaire day trader!) is and what other services (he runs 4 different stock trading teaching services)

Tandem Trader by Investors Underground is a comprehensive stock trading educational program led by experienced trader Nathan Michaud. The course includes resources, tools, live trading sessions, educational videos, trade alerts, and a supportive community forum, as well as a money-back guarantee.

Nathan Michaud has been consistently profitable with his trading strategy for years now. Through a combination of technical analysis and proper money management, Nate has been able to develop a trading methodology that works, and continues to work. It should come as no surprise that Nate is a renowned day trader and many look to learn from his strategies.

Investors Underground is one of the biggest trading chat rooms on the web. The service has been around since 2008 and his home to many respected day traders. IU is run by Nathan Michaud who provides daily watch lists, trading video lessons, trade alerts, and more.

Investors Underground is one of the most well-known chat rooms on the internet. The service has been around since 2008 and the IU chat room may be one of the biggest on the web. You will find well-known traders like Nathan Michaud, Tim Grittani, Eric Wood, and many more in the chat room. Investors Underground was available on the platform for some time before announcing their departure in 2015.

Investors Underground is a day trading community, chat room, and education service. The company offers two trading courses to get new traders acclimated to the market. Textbook Trading is a beginner day trading course and Tandem Trader offers advanced trading strategies as well as real-time trade analyses.

The Investors Underground service is owned and operated by Nathan Michaud (also known as @investorslive). Keep reading our Investors Underground review to see if this is the right day trading service for you.

The majority of the trading done at Investors Underground is based on technical analysis. Nathan and the other head traders put a strong focus on looking for setups with low risk and high reward potential. Some of these setups include ABCD charts (similar to an ascending triangle), short selling parabolic moves, trading red/green reversals, and more. The main indicator most traders use in the Investors Underground chat room is VWAP, a volume-weighted moving average that helps smooth price action.

Each moderator has their own unique trading style, so the watch lists are unique as well. Cody (@oddstocktrader) often includes penny stocks or sector-specific watch lists. Dante (@dgtrading101) puts out watch lists with great short opportunities). Nate puts out watch lists with great momentum trading opportunities.

The OTC trading chat room activity varies relative to the OTC market activity. When there is very little going on in OTC land, the chat room is pretty slow. When the OTC market picks up, I will always open up the chat window. There are a few great traders in there that provide great insights on penny stocks. Some of the key moderators include OddStockTrader, bbstock, and oilgusher. These guys all have great commentary that helps you stay safe in the OTC markets and learn more about how to trade penny stocks.

Investors Underground is best for traders who already have a decent understanding of how the market works. If you just started to learn day trading yesterday, you will get confused in the chat room (as you would with most chat rooms). Focus on educating yourself for a month before joining so you can make the most of the service. The IU free trading course is a good starting point. I also highly recommend checking out Textbook Trading and Tandem Trader.

When you join IU, you get instant access to some of the best traders in the world. If you are dedicated to putting in the work and taking the time to learn, this is easily the best trading service out there.

Investors Underground offers subscriptions starting at $297/month. This is a bit pricier than some of the options out there, but I found it to be well worth it. If you are interested in actively trading, this service provides the most value for your dollar. You get access to a lot of great traders, tons of actionable alerts, video lessons, and much more.

First of all, $197 p/m for the IU standard is pricey. Their aim to advertise to make this community for both new traders and experienced traders .so most of the traders (newbie) who takes a good amount of time to make money,$197 a month is definitely expensive for them also if you add software fees, L2, brokers fees, etc.

Secondly, there are no alerts from Nate and other moderators. I know alert service is not good to be blindly followed but it is definitely helpful to understand the trade plan to be educated and to support ( from a pro trader) your trade idea on a particular stock ( if you already have before an alert)

Thirdly you have to be very careful ( newbie ) when asking Q because of IU love to Gag ppl. Most of the ppl in the chatroom do not ask nonsense questions but also for some funny reason IU moderator are very sensitive. It is rather a chatroom for elite pro traders with their alien discussion (terms/phrase difficult to understand for a new trader ) than a free discussion of trade plan which actually can be useful in a day trade making some real money than showing off who is more knowledgeable and smart !!!


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