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[S1E3] Come Fly With Me

"Come Fly with Me" is the third episode of the first season of the ABC sitcom Modern Family and the third episode of the series overall. It originally aired on October 7, 2009. The episode was written by Dan O'Shannon and directed by Reginald Hudlin.

[S1E3] Come Fly With Me

In the episode, Jay tries to spend some time alone with his model airplane, but Phil ruins his plans. He hits Phil in the nose with his model airplane on purpose and claims it was an accident, but later apologizes when Claire calls him on it. Alex and Gloria go to a mall and Gloria tries to convince Alex to wear a dress to a wedding. Mitchell goes to Costco for the first time in his life and while he thinks he will not like it, he gets excited.

"Come Fly with Me" received a 3.4/9 in the 18-49 demographic according to the Nielsen Media Research and positive reviews from television critics with many calling it an improvement over "The Bicycle Thief".

Jay (Ed O'Neill) pushes Phil (Ty Burrell) to go out with him and fly his new model plane, a Vought F4U Corsair. While Phil gets his moment with Jay, the encounter does not end up as he wishes: Jay buzzes Phil with the plane and as the credits roll, the model plane crashes into Phil's nose. Jay takes Phil back home and claims that he hit him by accident but Claire (Julie Bowen) does not believe him and makes him apologize to Phil.

While Manny (Rico Rodriguez) takes time out to play with Luke (Nolan Gould), Gloria (Sofía Vergara) accompanies Alex (Ariel Winter) in shopping to find a dress for a wedding. Back in the house, Manny ends up having a heart-to-heart talk with his stepsister Claire, while Alex and Gloria talk on like friends (girl friends). Finally Manny convinces Claire to have Alex be her own way and Gloria convinces Alex to follow her mother.

In its original American broadcast, "Come Fly With Me" was viewed by an estimated 8.823 million households with a 5.4 rating/9% share Nielsen rating and received a 3.4 rating/9% share in the 18-49 demographic going down 4 tenths in the demographic according to the Nielsen Media Research.[1]

Robert Canning of IGN gave the episode an 8.3/10 calling it "Impressive" and stated "Overall, "Come Fly With Me" was proof that this is a series with great potential." and also stated the series has almost everything (heart, comedy, dark comedy).[2]

Phil pushes Jay to go out with him and fly his new model plane. While Manny takes time out to play with Luke, Gloria accompanies Alex in shopping for a dress. Later on, Manny ends up having a heart-to-heart talk with his sister Claire.

The families mixed together for the second time with great result. Modern Family is the funniest new comedy so far, and keep wanting more episodes. There is such a wide range of characters with different ages and personalities, that the possibilities are endless. One complaint that I have is that the episode seemed little too unfocused with over three distinct stories going on. I would like to see more focus on just a few characters instead of trying to have all 3 families share screen time equally.

Mitchell and Cameron have an isolated story in which they take a trip to Costco. As most first time Costco shoppers would, Mitchell goes crazy and buys half the story. Buying at Costco is double-edged sword. It's easy to buy something you don't need, and with those prices, it's hard to control yourself. I liked that we learned some backstory on Mitchell and Cameron.

Phil decides to bond with Jay and just shows up at his house. After an awkward silence, they go to fly a model airplane. The highlight of the episode was when Jay flew the plane in Phil's face. Ty Burrell reaction is perfect as he goes down, and the laugh so hard at it. There's part of me that loves physical humor even though it's so wrong. Jay takes Phil back to his house where Claire gets Jay to say he finally likes Phil. Then Mitchell and Cameron come in and they all get in a big group hug.

After some nudging, Jay begrudgingly takes Phil out to fly his new model airplane -- that is until a maneuver goes awry. Meanwhile, when Gloria drops Manny off to play with Luke, she ends up volunteering to take Alex dress shopping, and Claire finds herself sitting down for an unexpected brother and sister heart-to-heart with Manny.

Jay tries to spend some time alone with his new model airplane, but Phil ruins it. While Manny takes time out to play with Luke, Gloria accompanies Alex in shopping for a dress, and Manny ends up having a heart-to-heart talk with Claire. Meanwhile, Mitchell and Cameron go shopping at Costco, but Mitchell feels that he is too good to shop there.

At the Dunphys' house, we are with Phil and Claire, Phil is watching the game on TV, Claire tells him to take out the garbage, he walks over slowly to the garbage but is way more interested in the game, as he is glued to it and isn't looking at the garbage. Claire sees this and takes out the garbage herself. Phil tells her he was going to get it, although he probably wasn't. Claire goes to open the door and sees Dylan, asking him if he rang the bell, Dylan replies saying that he texted Haley that he was out there, Claire makes a snarky joke telling Dylan "Oh great! Tell her I said hi!" as she hasn't seen Haley. Dylan is then invited by Phil to watch the last of the game. Phil then metaphorically says that the guy on the screen is 'stuck in second base and he is trying to steal third which isn't a good idea', basing this on Dylan trying to have sex with Haley. Claire gives Phil a look, which only we can see.

At the Pritchett household, with Gloria, Jay and Manny, Manny wants to stay at home with Jay and fly his plane with him, but Gloria wants him to play with Luke because Luke's Mom invited him and he needs to spend time with his stepfamily. Gloria and Jay are the first to be "interviewed", in which Gloria says that men need their hobbies whether they're risking their lives (things that Javier does) or flying little planes from a safe distance (what Phil wants to do), making Manny's father an example. Gloria receives a look that Jay gives to the camera after comparing their hobbies.

We are back with the Dunphys'; Phil and Claire including Dylan, who goes to wait in the car, as he find it awkward with Phil, Phil tells him to grab the garbage on his way out, as he doesn't know Claire already did it. Phil tells him that he's past hanging out with Dylan awkwardly, Claire then re-directs him to the fact that Phil has been trying to avoid Claire's Dad, Jay, for 16 years, to which Phil says that Jay and him are total buds. The show a scene, where the only way that Phil can hang out with Jay is if he brings beer, although it's still awkward air between them.

We are back at the Dunphys' household, Gloria and Manny come over to the Dunphy house where Luke and Manny are supposed to be hanging out. Manny has brought his favorite game "Empire" to play with Luke, who is playing in their backyard, we see him jumping on a trampoline with a box over his head to which Manny gives a disapproving look. Alex comes into the room and asks if she can wear the clothes she's wearing, Claire tells her to say hi to Gloria and Manny, before asking her question again, she does. Claire states that she needs to wear a dress, while Alex states that her brother, Luke, should wear pants, Claire notices this and knocks on the glass to tell him 'pants' before asking "why does he do this?!".

We are at the Pritchett household where, Jay is fixing his plane and Phil is standing silently and awkwardly, not doing anything, Phil says that Jay and him are buds in an "interview", he then adds that there are invisible asterisks on the word "(*)buds(*)", Phil describes Jay as a non-hugger, non-talker bud, he recalls Jay running over his foot with his car, he defends Jay saying he had given up smoking. We go back to Jay and Phil, where Jay says that Phil just awkwardly standing there is making him feel uneasy, Phil then clears his throat to add to the tense awkward situation and Jay tells him to finally help him, he tells him to hold the wing while he adjusts the plane, which he does just after he decides to make things more awkward by sitting very slowly next to Jay.

We are back at the Pritchett house, where Phil is first "interviewed": "The thing about me and Jay is our relationship's always been stuck in that primal place; where it started... he's the old silverback protecting his females, then along comes this younger, stronger gorilla swinging in (Phil), beating his chest. Naturally, the ape ladies (Claire) come running, presenting their nice scarlet behinds. Papa ape (Jay) wants to stop all that; but he can't." meaning Jay doesn't like Phil for taking his daughter from him. We go back to Phil and Jay fixing the plane, while Phil gives the camera an awkward look and then gives Jay the same look, Jay cuts the silence by asking Phil if he wants to go fly it now.

We are back with Mitch and Cam, who are shopping at Costcos, Cam starts to talk about his farm life, and when he feels like Mitch is rolling his eyes cause he is, we cut to them being "interviewed", in which Cam states where they met: at Pepper's legendary game nights. Cam states that Mitch rolled his eyes everytime Cam would get a little boisterous, Mitch defends himself before realizing that he did. Mitch states that they were playing charades and Cam got what we was supposed to guess by one simple hand movement for "Casablanca", we go back to Mitch and Cam shopping, where Cam says he wants to go to the wine section, Mitch, who has never been at Costco, suddenly starts to like the shop when he mentions the wine section, although at first he is in disbelief until he sees a paper shredder that he wanted. Mitch asks where they are shopping as he wants to come back, Mitch forgets that they are in Costco as this isn't what he expected from Costco. 041b061a72


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