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Liefeld is not without supporters in the industry. The A.V. Club says of Liefeld's critics, "Rob Liefeld is the punching bag of choice for many discerning comics fans. But he's also the man who defined what the 1990s looked like in superhero books, so he's crying all the way to the bank. For every detractor who thinks he's the worst thing to happen to comic books since Fredric Wertham, there are a dozen ravenous fanboys ready to snatch up whatever he does next."[98] Writer Jeph Loeb, with whom Liefeld collaborated, and writer Mark Millar are reported to be admirers of his work.[97] Millar in particular wrote the foreword to the 2008 Youngblood collection published by Image Comics, in which he defended that series as an entry in the celebrity superhero subgenre that predated The Authority and X-Statix. Millar also compared critics of Liefeld's layouts and figure work to those who would have criticized Jack Kirby for exhibiting a cartoony style rather than photorealism, and asserted that his own children are avid fans of Liefeld's work in general, and Youngblood in particular.[99] Comics writer Grant Morrison credited the Image creators with "rescuing" American comics, explaining that they responded to children's tastes of the time, and brought comics back to their basic superhero roots following the British Invasion in comics and the popularization of titles typified by Vertigo Comics, of which Morrison themself was a part. Morrison stated that they are an admirer of Liefeld's work in particular, explaining that while Liefeld's art was regarded as "total crap" in the 1990s, many comic book artists today see it as an avant-garde abstraction of reality that is as bizarre and individual as Vincent van Gogh.[100] In 2012, Rich Johnston of Bleeding Cool said of DC Comics' decision to assign Liefeld the co-scripting and drawing duties on three of their flagging New 52 titles, "Rob does have a habit, of course, of pulling out sales and attention like a rabbit out of a hat."[101]

Run Rabbit Run [Xforce]l

The secure message exchange internally uses RabbitMQ for the persistence and routing of messages across the FortiSOAR nodes. Therefore, you can achieve High Availability for the secure message exchange by using any of the standard RabbitMQ high availability methods. The secure message exchange can be made to work in an active/passive setup by using a reliable shared storage such as NAS or SAN for the RabbitMQ data directory, /var/lib/rabbitmq, between the two nodes and using monitoring and management tools such as Pacemaker to perform the failover as explained in the High availability with Pacemaker and DRBD article.

So many daddy issues at play in Krakoa today. And finally, Avenger Prime who, at the end of time, has manifested the entire history and diversity of the Avengers into a force to tackle the Multiverse Of Mephistos, in a seemingly infinite battle down the probability axis of parallel dimensions. And whose identity was hidden from all of us. And honestly, I had gone down the rabbit hole of it being Rick Jones.


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