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Backtrack 5 John The Ripper Wpa2 Crack Reaver _BEST_

Ive reached all the way to the end, but when I try to run cowpatty I get "End of pcap capture file, incomplete four-way exchange. Try using a different capture". Does this mean i have to redo the process? I am sure i got the hand shake, ive tried both methods, waiting for someone to conmect and by deauthenticating them. Both timess it said I got the handshake on the top left and it was on the correct bssid adress. What should I do. I also noticed the command "-c" "check for valid 4-way frames, does not crack". How do I use this and can this help me? What should I do. Using backtrack5r3

backtrack 5 john the ripper wpa2 crack reaver

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They are different linux distributions, but both released and maintained by Offensive Security. Backtrack is based on Ubuntu, while Kali is a newer release based upon Debian linux. This tutorial is not an OS tutorial, but an application tutorial. It will work on most linux-distributions, as long as you have the aircrack-ng package installed, and a compatible wifi-card. So the answer is yes, this tutorial can be used on backtrack 5, since aircrack is installed by default in both Kali and backtrack.


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