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Best Real Estate Leads To Buy

Real estate is a competitive field, but if you buy real estate leads, you can quickly grow your business. Real estate lead generation companies curate lists of sellers or buyers who are actively looking for an agent. While this comes at a price, your commission should more than make up for what you spend. This list of the best places to buy real estate leads should help you make a splash in the home buying or selling industry.

best real estate leads to buy

When considering the best sites to buy real estate leads, we considered the features agents would find most valuable, such as lead quality and automation. Sites that offered qualified, warm leads ranked higher than those where leads were cold and would take a lot of persuasive prowess to convert.

Real estate generators earn their money in one of three ways. They can offer leads to real estate agents and brokers for a monthly fee upfront, make them available for free but receive a referral fee for leads that end up turning into sales, or a combination of the two methods.

Melanie Patterson is a subject matter expert at Fit Small Business focusing on real estate. She has over 30 years of combined experience in real estate sales, marketing, property management, and real estate investing. She is a licensed active real estate salesperson in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts and received her Luxury Homes certification through the Residential Real Estate Council (RRC). She is also a certified business advisor.

Buying real estate leads through a lead generation provider is the fastest and best way to get real estate leads and create lists of potential clients to produce immediate revenue. This makes it an extremely cost-effective option for a new agent, but it can also be used to supplement referral business and other traditional organic lead generation methods. We examined the strengths, weaknesses, prices, and ideal users of dozens of platforms to identify the top eight lead generation platforms where agents can buy real estate leads:

Purchasing real estate leads through a lead generation platform saves you time and effort by finding you the right clients to focus on and convert. Take our quiz below to determine the real estate lead service best fits your needs:

Market Leader received a 4.47 out of 5 rating from 1,058 clients. Many customers claim that the platform offers everything necessary for generating leads in real estate and converting long-term clients. They loved receiving text messages with information about website visitors and being able to track lead activity every day.

The Zillow Premier Agent (ZPA) platform is best for agents looking to focus on representing buyers, especially buyer-focused agents who have larger budgets and impeccable follow-up skills. Zillow has an extensive network of real estate listing websites that gain millions of monthly visitors. Agents who sign up with the ZPA program will get exposure on all its real estate platforms, including Trulia and StreetEasy.

Agents can buy leads for real estate in niche markets from REDX, including expired, GeoLeads, FSBO, FRBO, and preforeclosure leads. Agents specializing in foreclosures or who are experienced in foreclosure transactions can be successful with the preforeclosure leads provided by REDX. Keep in mind that the nature of these leads in real estate necessitates an agent with established real estate experience because it requires an agent to prospect for business over the phone.

This platform is the best place for data-driven agents to buy real estate leads. Offrs uses more than 250 data points to determine the likelihood of a potential seller putting their home on the market. Because Offrs uses data from third-party providers to predict consumer behavior, this information is shared with the agent in SmartApps.

Given the number of resources provided by CINC, this platform is ideal for an agent looking to grow and build a team. One single system consolidates lead generation, lead management, and the marketing required to scale your real estate business and keep a constant business flow. If an agent is looking to start their brokerage, CINC also provides an enterprise brokerage solution to allow you to manage multiple agents on one platform.

To keep business running smoothly, real estate requires multiple systems, and CINC provides the necessary integration to combine numerous platforms into one system. CINC is also integrated with Gmail, Google Calendar, and various real estate websites such as Zillow and

Its features help you build a strong online presence to generate organic leads without additional costs. Real Geeks offers fully functional IDX listings websites and targeted landing pages, so you can nurture prospects through your pipeline. Its CRM tools help convert leads through automated email drip and SMS text messaging campaigns. It also provides a fully branded, easy-to-use mobile app so your lead can effortlessly search listings and receive real-time updates through push notifications.

The platform contains lead generation, marketing, and customer engagement in one solution. It provides real estate agents with the contact information of homeowners who are most likely to sell based on predictive analytics. Once SmartZip identifies leads who may sell in the next six months, it employs multi-channel marketing strategies to reach potential sellers and keep them engaged. It also provides a Reach150 program allowing agents to increase their referral rates.

A few users would have liked to see a higher volume of leads from social media marketing. If you want immediate real estate leads, Zillow Premier Agent is a better option because you can pick which leads you want to contact.

Zurple also offers lead behavior analytics, which show the likelihood of a real estate transaction. This data is presented on the lead capture platform via graphs, charts, and statistics. Real estate professionals who prefer a data-driven approach to real estate can use the platform to generate leads and attract prospective buyers.

It is essential to ensure that the platform where you buy real estate leads aligns with your goals, strengths, and target audience to maximize your return on investment. But along with referrals, marketing, and advertising, buying real estate leads is a fantastic way to supplement and maintain your lead flow. It is also a convenient, cost-effective way to guarantee you continue to build your real estate business with qualified leads.

Melanie is a real estate expert at Fit Small Business, specializing in real estate business development for new and seasoned agents, property managers, and real estate investors. She has over 30 years combined experience in real estate sales, marketing, property management, and investing and is a licensed real estate agent in NH & MA.

REDX is an outbound real estate lead marketing system that collects and disseminates data, such as property details, FSBO and expired listings data, and contact information for buyers and sellers in your community. They categorize and prioritize this data in VORTEX, their proprietary customer relationship manager (CRM), for agents to use in their outbound prospecting efforts. I also like their Power Dialer, which keeps your phone calling so that you can be up to four times as efficient with your cold calls.

Somewhat similar to Market Leader, Zurple generates real estate leads with community-specific buyer and seller landing pages designed to capture lead information. These landing pages offer something of value (a home valuation or an IDX search) in exchange for contact information. Zurple takes it a step further by advertising on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google to drive traffic to these pages.

BoldLeads has a great approach to acquiring leads, but they really stand out with customer relationship management. Automated SMS texting, emailing, and even voice messages make moving your leads closer to a sale easier. Stay tuned to The Close for updates as their new offerings roll out!

The majority of real estate businesses have some form of paid leads as a part of their marketing strategy. The most successful agents and teams actually scale up their lead buying once they identify a successful lead source. However, the very best agents see buying leads as only one part of their overall strategy.

This is a quick way for solo practicing agents to create a brand identity with a supporting website and create immediate lead flow without a lot of time invested. And because Real Geeks is so robust, many agents use it as their global business CRM and integrate it with all their lead sources. And while many lead generation companies focus on one single source to create leads, Real Geeks has lead generation for realtors to generate leads on Facebook and Google as well.

Why we chose it: zBuyer is a real estate lead generation service that focuses on attracting home sellers interested in cash offers. That may not seem useful to an agent at first, but many of these homeowners would rather list with an agent than sell to an investor or iBuyer. The leads are reasonably priced, though you have to nurture them at first.

With 20 years of experience, zBuyer figured out the secret to finding home buyers and sellers that actually want to speak to a real estate agent. The truth is everyone is trying to run an ad to generate a lead for something nowadays. Learning the algorithm of the right CTA, getting your ads shown to the right audience, and creating quality leads is something that can take months and years to perfect. With zBuyer, the guesswork of lead generation is taken out of your hands while you get buyer and seller leads delivered directly to your CRM.

Why we chose it: USLeadList is a one-stop-shop for finding real-estate leads for off-market deals across the country. Their bread and butter is carefully crafting fresh inheritance leads and providing a nationwide list of homeowners who are hungry to sell. Whether those leads are rural or urban based, this list has proven to be successful in all real-estate markets. You can subscribe to your areas of interest, then each month, a new list of fresh data will get sent directly to your email. 041b061a72


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