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To acquire all the digital evidence from a smartphone device, the forensic process starts in the pre-acquisition phase. Device acquisition can be done using a variety of methods and tools, including pulling-out battery and sim card, physically unlocking the device, etc. Ideally, this phase should be carried out by a group of experienced forensic team. However, the reality is that the crime scenes are ever-changing, and these forensic tools and techniques are generally applicable with or without prior knowledge. Table 1 illustrates the various methods used in smartphone device acquisition.

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The development and enhancement of cell phone forensic technology [17] involves the development of tools and techniques to examine cell phones, smart cards, and mobile computing and communication devices. In particular, the authors point out that cell phone forensics are not new, but are a relatively new area of study. With every new release of smartphones comes new challenges which are directly related to the complexity of some of the forensic challenges [18]. Cell phone forensics is vital in cases of suicide, kidnap, homicide, missing children, and organised criminal activity. They discussed the various aspects of mobile device forensics and how these devices present unique challenges. They cited various challenges which they perceive in the studies of cell phone forensics.

Massive parallel sequencing of DNA fragments and sequencing of their transcripts is a powerful and versatile tool for modern molecular biology. The strength of NGS is its ability to simultaneously amplify and sequence millions of short DNA or RNA fragments of the entire genome. Its applications are expanding rapidly in various fields of biology and medicine, for example, in the study of tumor genetics, the investigation of infectious diseases and the screening of genetic diseases. This laboratory workbench comprises all of the basic unit operations and can sequence up to 10 fragments (or amplicons) at the same time. The operator, who is responsible for the sequencing, can choose to work on either all or part of the fragments at once. A computer program manages the sequencing project and reads the results. This equipment is suitable for all research projects and general laboratory applications. It is also suitable for small and medium-sized laboratories with a limited budget.


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