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Download Online Police Verification Certificate for Any Purpose: Learn How to Request and Receive It

This service enables community members to obtain a certificate from the police proving their good conduct in the United Arab Emirates- from a security and criminal point of view, in order to present it to official authorities that request this type of certificate; for work, study, immigration, obtaining a license, or any such matters.

Chandigarh Police launched Citizen Portal for citizen of Chandigarh to avail services online without visiting different offices for different services, like verifications and verifications certificates, FIR downloads etc. This portral envisions to create services that can be availed directly by the citizens through internet, and need not to go to police station etc.

download online police verification certificate

Vision: CCTNS seeks to create a nation-wide environment for real-time sharing of crime and criminal information and providing online services to the citizens of the country. Mission: CCTNS is creating a comprehensive and integrated application platform through a nation-wide network to share real-time crime and criminal information across 15000+ police stations, 6000+ higher officers and associated departments in 28 states and 7 UTs of the country.

National Police Checks are delivered via email as a secure PDF file. Those applicants still requiring a hard copy certificate will have to opt in for that option during the application process. Please note, applicants requiring National Police Checks to be notarised must opt-in for a hard copy as digital certificates cannot be notarised. Applicants can check the status of their National Police Check online and validate completed checks.

For Singapore Citizens residing in Singapore or overseas, please login via Singpass and complete the online application form. Once your COC application is accepted, the certificate will be mailed to your postal address as indicated in the online application form. Singapore Citizens are not required to submit any fingerprint impressions or book a fingerprint appointment.

If you are a non-Singapore Citizen residing overseas, you are required to have your fingerprint impressions recorded at an authorised institution in your country of residence (such as police stations) and mail the original fingerprint impressions along with your COC application receipt to the Certificate of Clearance Office. Upon our receipt and verification of your fingerprint impressions, the COC will be mailed to your postal address as indicated in the online application form.

It is a privilege to lead the historical Hyderabad City Police (HCP) engaged in policing for the safety & security of 9.7 million residents from diverse cultures and backgrounds who are drawn to this city from various parts of the world. On behalf of the HCP, I welcome you to the redesigned website. With a motto to enhance citizen delight and EODB, a gamut of services rendered by police are now made available online through this website.


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